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AsMoney is an electronic payment system based on Bitcoin that helps its members make instant payment for goods or services or send and receive money with minimum fee, on the other hand, Asmoney provide a web-based e-wallet used for sending, receiving, and storing Bitcoins. Asmoney support multi currencies and allow people send money based on location and their local currency. Asmoney make Bitcoin easier for non-technical users to send and receive payments.


At the present time, Asmoney support BTC, LTC, USD, EUR, AUD, GBP, JPY, CAD, CHF, CNY, MYR, NZR, RUB, SGD, THB, TRL, ZAR, INR, IDR and EGP.


Deposit Asmoney users may deposit to your account by using three methods : Exchangers, Bitcoin and Litecoin.


Same as deposit methods, Asmoney users can withdrawal from Asmoney account by using three methods anytime : Exchangers, Bitcoin and Litecoin

Send and Receive money

This feature provides the ability to send money to Asmoney username, there is No limitation for sending/receiving money to/from others


Due to lack of tax in P2P Currencies and low network fees, Asmoney fees is lower than other payment processors and safety is more than others. There are no fees for transfer on BTC/LTC between Asmoney accounts, the 0.5% fees apply for other currencies.

Asmoney for Merchants

Asmoney allow all users generate a checkout button and make accepting Bitcoin/Litecoin easy on any website by copying and pasting a few lines of code. Payment SCI allow merchants to accept Bitcoin/Litecoin with a hosted checkout page on

Mass Payment

Asmoney provide an API interface that helps all members use API for sending Bitcoin to many recipients at once.

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