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[[File:btcguys.png|link=http://www.btcguys.us]|BTC Guys LLC]]
[http://www.btcguys.us BTCGuys.us] is the fast, safe, easy and secure way to buy Bitcoin. No sign ups required! Based in New York, USA and registered with NY State. Accepted form of payments are: Domestic and international bank wire transfers, cash in mail and cash deposit (coming soon). Bring your Bitcoin wallet and let us load it! Further, We have many user friendly guides to help new users create secure offline wallets.
==Accepted payment==
* Cash deposit (Bank of America)
* Cash in mail
* US domestic bank wire transfer
* International bank wire transfer
* [http://www.btcguys.us/buy-bitcoin Buy Bitcoin]
BTC Guys LLC charges a 5-10% markup to sell Bitcoin at BitStamp rate. For up-to-date information on rates visit: [http://www.btcguys.us/buy-bitcoin Buy Bitcoin]
==Creating secure wallets==
* How to create a 100% offline paper wallet: [http://www.btcguys.us/blog/how-to-create-bitcoin-paper-wallet-tutorial Paper wallet]
* How to create a paper wallet and broadcast transactions online with Electrum: [http://www.btcguys.us/blog/how-to-create-offline-wallet-with-electrum-bitcoin-client-and-broadcast-transactions Electrum offline wallet]
* How to PGP encrypt and decrypt messages: [http://www.btcguys.us/blog/windows-pgp-guide-for-new-users-encrypting-and-decrypting-messages PGP]
* [http://www.btcguys.us/contact-us Contact Us]
* E-mail: [mailto:support@btcguys.us Support]
== Follow us==
* Twitter: [https://www.twitter.com/BTCGuys Twitter]
* Blog RSS Feed: [http://www.btcguys.us/1/feed Blog RSS feed]
==External Links==
* [http://www.btcguys.us BTC Guys LLC Website]
* [http://www.btcguys.us/faq BTC Guys FAQ]
* [http://www.btcguys.us/blog Blog]
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