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Advanced form of group buys or collective mining; Sells mining shares. Service represents the Mining as a Service (MaaS) model that break large-scale datacenter mining down to easily manageable pieces.

When buying shares customer pay for the right to receive dividends from the ownership of shares. Time of shares ownership is not limited. The price of share includes the proportional cost of equipment, any taxes, mortgage, insurance, mining equipment space rental, utilities, bills for electricity and internet access. Every asset after launch works 24/7/365 until the cost of expenses exceeds the operating fee, in which case we will auction the respective machine and distribute the earnings in the same way that we distribute the dividends. After that shares of such asset will be terminated.

Dividends are paid out every 1st and 15th of the month within a 72 hour grace period. Dividend funds are distributed equally amongst all shares. After the distribution of dividends in your account - you can order the payout at any time to bitcoin address.

They use different mining machines from different vendors.

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