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IndustryASIC manufacturing
FoundedFebruary 2, 2015
DefunctFebruary 9, 2015
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BitHashMiner was a vaporware scam notorious for being very poorly executed, and persisting carelessly. They offered a single product, also called a BitHashMiner, which was a preorder mining rig with supernatural specs at an unrealistically low price. The scam has been labelled by onlookers as "thread gold",[1] "hysterical",[2] "the most blatant scam attempt",[3] "the yoda sales force",[4] "obvious scam",[5] "mind blowing",[6] and "half ass attempt to scam people".[7] It is remembered as the most futile scam attempt in Bitcoin history and is used as a textbook example of vaporware, helping people identify scams on their own.[citation needed]


The hardware render used on BitcoinTalk

The 9 lb. rig itself featured 10 Thash/s for $1000, with 25 20nm 400 Ghash/s ASIC chips.[8] There is a screen on the miner depicting a CGMiner instance with two graphics cards Scrypt mining.[8][9] There are also two 750W power supplies,[8] which weigh about 5 lbs. each,[10] meaning that the casing, fans, and chips must have negative weight, and would float away without the power supplies weighing them down.[11]

The rigs were offered with free shipping and a five year warranty, and were expected to ship in April.[8][12] By February 12, the BitcoinTalk account of BitHashMiner was inactive and the website was down; no units ever shipped.[1]