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* Mt. Gox
* Mt. Gox
* Crypto X Change
* BitStamp
* BitStamp
* [[VirWoX]]
* [[VirWoX]]

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BitInstant is a new service that allows you to quickly and easily transfer funds into your online exchange account without delay.

It provides a means to rapidly topup your account at one of several bitcoin exchanges far faster than the usual methods.

Bitinstant makes most deposits happen instantly - within a matter of seconds in ideal cases, and in an absolute worst-case scenario they will still aim to have funds into your exchange account before a stated maximum deadline (on average about 30 minutes depending on various conditions).

Methods of Payment

U.S. - USD

Brazil - BRL

  • Boleto
  • Banco Rendimento

Russia - RUB

  • Qiwi
  • Cypberplat

Fund destinations (Pay to)

  • Mt. Gox
  • BitStamp
  • VirWoX
  • BTC-E
  • e-mail (via Coinapult)
  • Bitoin address (via Coinapult)

Fees & Rates

BitInstant dynamically calculates fees based on various factors, and start at 0.26%. Discounted rates may be available for certain high-volume traders through special arrangement, contact them for more details Their rates can be viewed on their Rates & Fees page, as well as on their homepage.

Customer Service

  • Support request form
  • E-mail: support@bitinstant.com
  • General inquiries: info@bitinstant.com
  • IRC:
    • Server: irc.bitinstant.com
    • Channel: #BitInstant
    • or via Web.


The BitInstant Project was founded by two BitCoin traders Gareth Nelson and Charlie Shrem who saw the need for a quick, easy, and secure way of transferring funds to their Exchange accounts.

It was announced through the media on August 23, 2011[1].

BitInstant is based out of New York City with an office in the United Kingdom.

On April 16, 2012 the service began offering Coinapult as a destination option for the funds[2]. With Coinapult, BitInstant cash deposits are converted to bitcoins which are then claimed through e-mail or from a mobile phone (SMS / text message).

One June 5,2012 the service launched its integration with the BitcoinSpinner mobile app, simplifying the purchase of bitcoins using a mobile app[3].


BitInstant provides an API that may be used to automate various tasks with their service. To connect to it you may use either XML-RPC or a RESTful protocol using JSON. For XML-RPC, please point your client at https://www.bitinstant.com/api/xmlrpc. For RESTful JSON, please point your client at https://www.bitinstant.com/api/json.

Documentation can be viewed on their API page

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