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Bitcoin-Cash is a payment module integrating seamlessly into online-shops using xt:Commerce[1]. The project was started to help a comrade despairing on the trials to get things to work himself.


  1. easy to use and maintain
  2. zero need for coding skills on setup/use
  3. can be run on an ordinary web-space


  • Webserver running xt:Commerce

Features and Advantages[3]

  • no Bitcoin-daemon necessary
  • it works on common webspace
  • no additional requirements to xt:commerce
  • no dependency on a gateway/exchange built in
  • no need to trust a third party holding your wallet
  • simple installation
  • copy the files and one click in admin-panel
  • no editing nor automated changes in other files
  • payment-informtion on checkout
  • will show up after selection of payment-method
  • payment-information included in E-Mail
  • to customers
  • and operator
  • identifiable customer in total sum
  • customizable length of identification (defeatable, standard: 3)
  • customer-id -> last digits
  • customizable receiver
  • address for bitcoin in admin-panel
  • current exchange-course for your currency
  • update on customizable period (defeatable, recommended: 0.25-24h)
  • customizable currency, standard: EUR
  • data source Bitcoin Charts
  • course-calculation
  • average without highest and lowest value
  • no dependency on stats of a single marketplace
  • currency for the order remains untouched
  • no trouble with billing information for tax
  • translation
  • language files available: English and German

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