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* Chinese: [http://zh-cn.bitcoin.it ‪中文(中国大陆)‬]
* Chinese: [http://zh-cn.bitcoin.it ‪中文(中国大陆)‬]
* German: [http://de.bitcoin.it Deutsch]
* German: [http://de.bitcoin.it Deutsch]
* Hebrew: [http://he.bitcoin.it עמוד ראשי]
* Hebrew: [http://he.bitcoin.it עברית]
* Russian: [http://ru.bitcoin.it Русский]
* Russian: [http://ru.bitcoin.it Русский]
* Spanish: [http://es.bitcoin.it Español]
* Spanish: [http://es.bitcoin.it Español]

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This is a community wiki aimed at allowing the Bitcoin community as a whole to document freely what they feel needs documentation or representation.


This wiki uses a multi-lingual scheme similar to Wikipedia's, which means a translated article get links to its translation in the menu (in the left column from the Main Page).

If you feel one language is missing and are ready to start translating a lot of pages, you can request the creation of the language of your choice by contacting me (MagicalTux).


Backups are generated daily at 00:00 GMT, and can be downloaded from the backup repository. Setting up a mirror is easy enough, as many websites explain how to restore a MediaWiki xml dump into a fresh installation.


While I can usually be contacted on irc, you can also write me an e-mail. Please avoid contacting me to ask questions already answered on this wiki.


When Bitcoin.it wiki was opened (on December 16th 2010), the initial license was WTFPL. It has been brought up that CC-by would be more appropriate as content from the previous wiki is under CC-by.

Acceptable Use

The administrators of this group maintain a list of rules.