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* [https://bitcoinchain.com/nodes Bitcoin Nodes]  
* [https://bitcoinchain.com/nodes Bitcoin Nodes]  
* [https://bitcoinchain.com/wallet Bitcoin Wallet]  
* [https://bitcoinchain.com/wallet Bitcoin Wallet]  
* [https://bitcoinchain.com/api BitcoinChain API Documentation]

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BitcoinChain.com is an analytics and monitoring platform that provides both live statistics and historical data within the Bitcoin ecosystem: Blockchain Explorer, Exchange Markets and Mining Pools.

Launched in January 2013, the platform provides Block Explorer service which allows for viewing detailed information about bitcoin addresses, transactions and blocks. BitcoinChain.com also contains data on Bitcoin price and live trades from largest stock exchanges such as OKCoin, Kraken, Bitfinex, Coinbase, Bitstamp and others. Besides, there is a mining pool data block that includes mining pool features, time-line statistics, current hashrate and reward specification.

Additionally, the platform is full of in-depth charts which can be customized by multiple technical indicators and time frame option.


  • Block Explorer
  • Exchange Markets
  • Market data export
  • Mining Pool Comparison (Found Blocks, Average Hashrate, Luck)
  • In-depth Charts
  • Multiple technical indicators
  • Time Frame Option
  • User-friendly adaptive interface in two themes: Light and Dark
  • Fine-tune sound notifications
  • Newbie guide
  • Bitcoin Nodes observer
  • Open Source Bitcoin Wallet
  • Advanced Bitcoin blockchain API with 2 interfaces: REST and STREAM.

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