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Jump to: navigation, search is an open-source paper wallet generator based on the BitAddress generator. It runs on any modern web browser and relies on JavaScript for all cryptographic functionality.

Differences from BitAddress

While BitAddress is capable of generating so-called "brain wallets", pool-generated vanity wallets, and bulk wallets, BitcoinPaperWallet has been simplified such that its only function is to produce paper wallets. Additionally:

  • Paper wallets printed using BitcoinPaperWallet feature a tri-fold design that is sealed shut so as to hide the wallet's private key and QR code from view.
  • The reverse side of the design includes instructions for general use as well as a ledger for writing down deposits or other notes.
  • The overall design includes a number of features to discourage casual tampering efforts that might otherwise reveal the private key without notice.
  • The generator includes an option for printing a paper wallet by pasting in a self-generated private key or vanity address, bypassing the random address generator altogether


Similarities to BitAddress

BitcoinPaperWallet is a GitHub "fork" of BidAddress and uses identical cryptography functions and methods. Similarly:

  • The generator works entirely from within a web browser.
  • Addresses are never transmitted over the Internet
  • The full source code can be examined via "view source" in web browser.
  • Cryptographic work is done using the the browser's built-in JavaScript crypto API along with open-source JavaScript libraries
  • The generator can be run offline by downloading a ZIP archive of the HTML from GitHub.