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== References ==
== References ==
{{Bitcoin Core documentation}}
{{Bitcoin Core documentation}}

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A list of devices which are able to run recent versions of Bitcoin Core. Note that these devices have *not* been tested to meet (currently undetermined) minimum specifications.


  • All Intel architecture 32-bit and 64-bit PCs and Macs. Pre-compiled executables are available from Bitcoin.org for Windows, OS X, and most popular Linuxes. Users can compile executables for other Linuxes and the BSD-derived operating systems.

ARM-based Chipsets

  • Raspberry Pi v1 running Raspbian or another Linux[1], although it will run very slowly and the initial block chain sync may take more than a week.
  • Raspberry Pi v2 running Raspbian or another Linux[2]. Being about six times faster than the original RPi, it has the potential to be much more usable.
  • ODroid U2 running Linux, although it's "not reliable due to thermal issues"[3]
  • Novena (Cortex A9) running Linux[3]