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=== Bitcoin Dice Websites ===
=== Bitcoin Dice Websites ===
[https://www.casino-doges.org/ Casino Doges] Provably Fair dice game, no registration!
[http://juicydice.com '''JuicyDice'''] Fair and simple Bitcoin dice game.
[http://juicydice.com '''JuicyDice'''] Fair and simple Bitcoin dice game.

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Bitcoin dice games are by far the most popular Bitcoin powered casino game available online. Bitcoin dice allows people to jump in the game with provable odds on their rolls, determine their own risk. There are games where you can bet on Roll LO only while others on Roll HI only. However, there are also dice games where you can wager on either of the two options.

Most Bitcoin dice betting sites boast of their provable odds. With provable odds gaming, ideally you can statistically analyze both your own rolls and those of anyone else at any point.

Bitcoin Dice Websites

Casino Doges Provably Fair dice game, no registration!

JuicyDice Fair and simple Bitcoin dice game.

Cryptbubbles Player vs. player dice game. Place a bet or hit to take all coins. 1% house fee. 20% fee affiliate program.

FairProof.com Provably fair bitcoin lottery. Few games inside, provably fair 100%, welcome and deposit bonuses. Affiliate program.

SatoshiCarnavalFavicon.pngSatoshiCarnaval Faucets | Nice Community | 0.48% House edge | Fun Visual Dice game "To the moon" | Provably fair |

FastBluff Provably Fair with Lottery Faucet

CoinRoyale Dice HTML5 provably fair Dice. Instant play after deposit, no registration required, low house edge and of course, Provably Fair.

KindDice 88 Bitcoin Dice