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|[http://www.cam4btc.co.cc/ First Bitcoin only, no fee, live webcam site]  
|[http://www.cam4btc.co.cc/ First Bitcoin only live webcam site]  
|Bitcoin tips go directly to entertainers. Site operates on tips. Only accepts bitcoin.

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First examples of bitcoins being accepted for various goods and services and other notable first occurances. See discussion for more regarding what is suitable here.

ISO Date Link notes
2010-05-17 Pizza First recorded purchase of a good (pizza). Cost 10,000 BTC.
2011-03-21 Road trip Atlas travels using only Bitcoin to survive.
2011-01-06 Mobile marketing gig Guy pays random guy for work performed (holding a sign on a busy intersection).
2011-05-09 Bitbills Physical incarnation of bitcoins.
2011-05-12 Room for rent
2011-05-17 Tipped a stripper Bitcoins
2011-05-27 Buying aircraft for BTC
2011-06-01 SF Chiropractor accepts BTC for office visits
2011-06-04 Beach Condo and House Offered within hours of each other.
2011-10-30 Mining at 18,000 feet Guy mines Bitcoin on an in-flight airplane using wifi. Unknown if any Bitcoins were actually created in flight.
2011-12-19 CBS' "THE GOOD WIFE" episode First TV story based on Bitcoin
2012-02-16 First auto title loan for bitcoins requested
2012-03-24 Property management accept bitcons for rent Over 100 commercial and residential properties
2012-03-28 First Amateur Adult Entertainers use Bitcoin for tips
2012-03-29 First Bitcoin-only Credit Default Swap (CDS)
2012-04-25 First album sold for bitcoins exclusively Before sold on iTunes
2012-04-26 First WebCam site to accept Bitcoins Bitcoins accepted as an alternative payment. Entertainer payouts are not in Bitcoin.
2012-04-29 First Bitcoin only live webcam site Bitcoin tips go directly to entertainers. Site operates on tips. Only accepts bitcoin.

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