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| Algeria (DZA) || Algerian dinar || DZD || Algerian dinars
| Algeria (DZA) || Algerian dinar || DZD || Algerian dinars
| Bahrain (BHR) || Bahraini dinar || BHD || Bahraini dinars
| Egypt (EGY) || Egyptian pound || EGP || Egyptian pounds
| Egypt (EGY) || Egyptian pound || EGP || Egyptian pounds

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An exchange that features a variety of funding and withdrawal methods with an emphasis on the Nordic / Scandinavian regions.


Bank wire

  • Euro (EUR) - SEPA wire transfer in Euros sent from from anywhere in the European Union / E.U.
  • Danish krone (DKK) - Domestic bank wire in kroners from any bank in Denmark
  • U.S. dollar (USD) - International bank wire transfers in U.S. dollars to Bitcoin Nordic's Danish bank account.

Cash or check by mail

Cash or check may be sent by mail (Denmark) or may be deposited in-person (Copenhagen) with appointment. The currencies listed below are accepted in any amount up to daily AML limits. Other currencies may be accepted as well, contact for details.

  • EUR - European Union (E.U.) - Euro
  • DKK - Denmark - Danish krone
  • USD - United States (U.S.) - U.S. dollar
  • GBP - United Kingdom (UK) - British sterling pound
  • NOK - Norway - Norwegian krone
  • SEK - Sweden - Swedish krona

CashU card

Redeem a CashU card (available in the Middle East, Northern Africa, Pakistan and elsewhere) with Bitcoin Nordic for the purchase of bitcoins. CashU cards are available in the following countries.

Country name Currency Symbol Alternate
Algeria (DZA) Algerian dinar DZD Algerian dinars
Bahrain (BHR) Bahraini dinar BHD Bahraini dinars
Egypt (EGY) Egyptian pound EGP Egyptian pounds
Iraq (IRQ) Iraqi dinar IQD Iraqi dinars
Israel (ISR) Isreali new shekel ILS Israeli new shekels (NIS)
Jordan (JOR) Jordanian dinar JOD Jordanian dinars
Kuwait (KWT) Kuwaiti dinar KWD Kuwaiti dinars
Lebanon (LBN) Lebanese pound LGP Lebanese pounds
Libya (LBY) Libyan dinar LYD Libyan dinars
Mauritania (MRT) Mauritanian ouguiya MRO Mauritanian ouguiyas
Malaysia (MYS) Malaysian ringgit MYR
Nigeria (NGA) Nigerian naira NGN
Oman (OMN) Omani rial NGN Omani rials
Pakistan (PAK) Pakistani rupees PKR Pakistani rupees
Qatar (QAT) Qatari riyal QAR Qatari riyals
Saudi Arabia (SAU) Saudi riyal SAR Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) - Saudi Arabian riyals
Tanzania (TZA) Tanzanian shilling TZS United Republic of Tanzania - Tanzanian shillings
Turkey (TUR) Turkish lira TRL Turkish liras or lire
Tunisia (TUN) Tunisian dinar TND Tunisian dinars
Yemen (YEM) Yemeni rial YER Yemeni rials
United Arab Emirates (UAE) UAE dirham AED UAE darahim (or dirhams)

UKash voucher

A UKash card may be used to fund your CashU account which can then be used online with Bitcoin Nordic to buy bitcoins.

Country name Currency Symbol Alternate
Canada (CAN) Canadian dollar CAD Canadian dollars
Mexico (MEX) Mexican peso MXN Mexican pesos


Bitcoins can be sold at the exchange. The rate they are exchanged at is based on the market price at MtGox less a certain percentage for the fee. The sell trade occurs within 24 hours but the schedule shows withdrawals occurring just once a week.

Proceeds may be sent to a PayPal account or as a SEPA bank transfer.


This service was announced on April 02, 2012[1].

On May 30, 2012 the service discontinued accepting credit card after its merchant processing partner, eWire, severed the relationship citing pressure placed by the VISA / Mastercard "duopoly"[2].

On July 14, 2012 it was announced that the cash network CashU was now supported as a method for purchasing bitcoins[3].

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