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Note that this is a document-in-progress, and does not accurately reflect the current reality. Please visit the related forum thread on bitcointalk to see discussion.

This article describes the governance of this wiki.


Current state

Currently (March 2013), the wiki is effectively without government. There is a set of six users with admin rights:

MagicalTux is the only beaurocrat, and nobody else is capable of appointing new admins.

this page will contain nominations for new admins, and hopefully some of them will be added in the future.


  • More admins are needed to make effective progress in governing the wiki.
  • A core set of rules are needed. Admins will enforce these rules.

Proposed Core Rules

The rules below are only proposed at this point, some sort of discussion will take place before they are formalized. They do not replace standard wiki etiquette, but are rather in place to be used where the etiquette fails.

  1. Discussions that are not utter rubbish (spam/gibrish) should never be deleted or reverted. Example of rule violation.
  2. Edits should respect NPOV.
    1. In case of dispute, citations should be brought in to support a POV.
    2. Citations should be "convincing". Quoting a few opinions and prefixing an opinion with "some claim that" is not cause to violate NPOV.
  3. No edit wars are allowed.


The rules above will only be enforced starting from a particular future date - past "transgressions" are of course not punishable. Admins will not be trigger-happy, and any punshiment for breaking the rules can (to some degree) be appealed (recommended medium is posting to bitcointalk).

However, rules without a bite are meaningless, and so appropriate measures will be used to enforce this set of rules. The measures include warnings, locking articles, temporary bans, and ultimately might include permanent bans.