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This article describes the governance of this wiki. It is currently under discussion/construction. Your input is welcome on the discussion page.

Current state

There is a set of six users with admin rights:

MagicalTux is the only beaurocrat, and nobody else is capable of appointing new admins.

This page will contain nominations for new admins, and hopefully some of them will be added in the future, as needed.

Core Rules

Ideally, we would all follow standard wiki etiquette. In addition to this, here are some proposed main guidelines to follow.

  1. Edits should respect NPOV. Do not merely revert edits if you disagree with some perspective; instead, try to rephrase the language in a way that does not change the original perspective, while being more agreeable to your own. Discussing things on the talk page is never a bad idea.
  2. Discussions that are not utter rubbish (spam/gibberish) should not be deleted or reverted. Though everything remains in history, archiving rather than deleting makes things easier to find later. See for how wikipedia does it. (The template stuff probably doesn't exist here.)
  3. Avoid revert wars and edit wars they are unproductive. Seek cooperative solutions and compromises which satisfy everyone. Perfection is not a goal here.
    1. In case of dispute, citations should be brought in to support a POV.
    2. Citations should be "convincing". Quoting a few opinions and prefixing an opinion with "some claim that" is not cause to violate NPOV.
  4. Wikipedia has a lot to say about dispute resolution. Read it. Then start hoping we never have to deal with such complexity.
    1. In brief, these guidelines say: 1. talk it over. if that fails, 2. request community input. if that fails, 3. more formal mediation by neutral third party.


To report a violation of the guidelines, contact one or more wiki admin via user talk page, email, forum, or IRC - whatever method(s) the person has listed on the user page.

Continued edit wars or other unproductive cycles may merit administrative actions such as warnings, locking articles, temporary or permanent bans.

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