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There is no official Bitcoin symbol as of December 2010, however the BTC abbreviation is the most universally accepted form.

Unicode symbol

There is a discussion over which Unicode symbol might be the best suited for bitcoin.

It has lead to the following options:

  • ฿
    • Pro: Gives a currency-like look (it is the symbol for an existing currency, the Thai Baht, but other currency symbols often get reused, like the $); displayed correctly on all known OSes
    • Cons: It is already used for the Thai currency, and might confuse people
  • Ƀ
  • B⃦
  • β
  • ¤
  • Ƅ
    • Cons: No visible relation to Bitcoin
  • ϭ
    • Cons: No visible relation to Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Symbol Suggestion circled struck-through B.png
    • Cons: Does not exist in the Unicode standard
  • Bitcoin Symbol Suggestion rotated power.png
    • Cons: Does not exist in the Unicode standard
  • Bat.png the b'at
    • Pros: Is round like a coin. Contains the B for Bitcoin. Borrows a style widelly associated with the internet. Not used for other meanings.
    • Cons: Not (yet) officially in the Unicode standard.
  • A C with 1 and zero inside [[1]]
  • A C with a circle and do inside [[2]]
    • Cons: Wait, what?