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One issue currently facing a newcomer to bitcoin is, how do I get some? While there is the [[bitcoin faucet]] that can get you started with a small fraction of a coin, when getting larger amounts the user faces an abundance of choice. This page will cut through the clutter, and help direct you to the right exchanger for your needs.
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==Large amounts==
For large amounts of bitcoin (USD 1000 or more), you probably would get the best rate if you deposit funds via bank wire, ACH, Euro bank transfer, or via [[Liberty Reserve]] into a major exchange. The following exchanges are currently available that take currency deposits:
* [[MtGox]]
* [[Bitcoin Central]]
* [[Btcex]]
* Other [[:Category:Exchanges|Exchanges]]
==Small amounts==
For smaller amounts, bank transfer fees or Liberty Reserve conversion fees are usually too expensive. Thus other methods are usually a better choice. The following exchanges will enable you to acquire smaller amounts of bitcoin at reasonable rates:
* [[CoinPal]] accepts [[PayPal]] for purchases of small lots of bitcoin.
* [[Bitcoin 4 Cash]] will sell you bitcoins in exchange for cash in the mail.
* [[Bitcoin Morpheus]] will sell you bitcoins for PayPal, check, money order or cash in the mail.
* [[bitcoin-otc]] IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including [[PayPal]], [[Dwolla]], [[Linden Dollars]], etc.
Some [[:Category:Services|services]] hold your bitcoins in an [[eWallet]] and provide funding methods.
* [[YouTipIt]] Add funds with PayPal.
==See Also==
* [[:Category:Digital_currencies|Digital Currencies]]

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