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[[Category:Bitcoin exchanges]]
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One issue currently facing a newcomer to bitcoin is, how do I get some? While there is the bitcoin faucet that can get you started with a small fraction of a coin, when getting larger amounts the user faces an abundance of choice. This page will cut through the clutter, and help direct you to the right exchanger for your needs.

Large amounts

For large amounts of bitcoin (USD 1000 or more), you probably would get the best rate if you deposit funds via bank wire, ACH, Euro bank transfer, or via Liberty Reserve into a major exchange. The following exchanges are currently available that take currency deposits:

Small amounts

For smaller amounts, bank transfer fees or Liberty Reserve conversion fees are usually to expensive. Thus other methods are usually a better choice. The following exchanges will enable you to acquire smaller amounts of bitcoin at reasonable rates:

  • Coinpal accepts PayPal for purchases of small lots of bitcoin.
  • bitcoin4cash will sell you bitcoins in exchange for cash in the mail.
  • bitcoin-otc IRC trading marketplace will usually have people willing to deal for small and larger amounts using various payment methods, including PayPal, Dwolla, Linden Dollars, etc.