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The Church of Bitcoin was founded on August 7th, 2017 by Henry Romp and Aprexer.

There have been past projects of the same name, but they were either intended as satire, or abandoned after some time. This one is sincere. The home page of the church is

They have announced plans to file as a 501(c)3 and seeking tax-exempt status as a church, and have registered with the IRS under EIN #82-2484856

To join the church as a full verified contributing member, a bitcoin transaction of at least one satoshi is required. A one-time payment of one satoshi guarantees lifetime membership in the Church of Bitcoin. You will also be asked to provide your real name and contact information; a home address is not necessary but a valid email will be required.

In the future, they plan to have packages available with benefits such as t-shirts, patches, etc. for contributing members.

The Church of Bitcoin has a simple and clear mission: To free the world from the oppression that is currently enabled by government and central bank control over exchange.

Members believe that any two consenting parties should be able to freely exchange or trade without any governing body or third party interfering with their transaction; believe that bitcoin will enable us to achieve that reality; distribute scripture--the whitepaper written by prophet Satoshi Nakamoto; declare "In cryptography we trust" as a slogan/mantra; and embrace open-source philosophy and freedom of information.

Various positions in the Church are open and the Church is actively seeking members and staff to fill these positions; the openings include positions for Pastors and Deacons.

There are gatherings held online in the freenode IRC chat room at #churchofbitcoin , and the physical church itself is at 124 Dewey Road in Salisbury Vermont, 05769 in the upstairs space above the tack room at Salisbury Station Stables; services are held there on Sundays and are open to verified registered members.

Inquiries can be directed to

Mailing address is: Church of Bitcoin 158 Dewey Rd Salisbury, Vermont, 05769

RSA public key for encrypted communication:


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Church of Bitcoin is the first Church celebrating the prophet Satoshi Nakamoto and the living lord embodied in the blockchain.