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[[Category:Alternative cryptocurrencies]]
[[Category:Alternative cryptocurrencies]]

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The cryptocurrency market is explosive which currently serves 735 currencies.

This article aims to list only the most relevant cryptocurrencies. To be listed here, a currency must

  • currently be sold on cryptocurrency exchanges in general

and meet one of the following qualities:

  1. A market cap of 1 billion US dollars.
  2. Medium or highly decentralized (anonymous).
  3. Been the first to introduce an innovative protocol.
Cryptocurrency Symbol Launched Market cap, rounded Anonymity Introduced an innovative protocol
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin BTC 2009-01-03 $36 billion Low First blockchain
Bytecoin-16x16.png Bytecoin BCN 2012-07-04 $414 million Low Introduced CryptoNote.
Dash.png Dash DASH 2014-01-18 $914 million Medium Introduced the X11 algorithm.
Ethereum.png Ethereum ETH 2015-08-07 $21 billion Low
Ethereum Classic-32x32.png Ethereum Classic ETC 2016-07-24 $1.6 billion Low Fastest growing cryptocurrency on the market ever.
Komodo.png Komodo KMD 2017-02-05 $54 million High
Litecoin.png Litecoin LTC 2011-10-07 $1.2 billion Low
Monero.png Monero XMR 2014-04-18 $584 million Medium
Namecoin.png Namecoin NMC 2011-04-18 $23 million Low First alternative chain, bitDNS. merged mined with Bitcoin.
NEM-16x16.png NEM XEM 2015-03-31 $1.7 billion Medium Introduced the proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm.
PIVX-16x16.png PIVX PIVX 2016-02-01 $84 million Medium Introduced the Quark algorithm.
Primecoin.png Primecoin XPM 2013-07-07 $7 million Low Implements a unique scientific computing proof-of-work system.
Ripple.png Ripple XRP 2011-03-01 $8.2 billion Low XRP is the native currency of the Ripple network that only exists within the Ripple system
Zcash-16x16.png Zcash ZEC 2016-10-28 $338 million High First cryptocurrency that implemented the zerocash protocol.
Zclassic-32x32.png Zclassic ZCL 2016-11-10 $5 million High First Zcash-based currency without the 20% fee for miners made by Zcash.
Zcoin-800x800.png Zcoin XZC 2016-09-28 $17 million High First cryptocurrency that implemented the zerocoin protocol which also makes it the first useful Zero-knowledge proof based anonymous cryptocurrency. First that implements Merkle Tree Proof of Work (MTP).
Cryptocurrency Algorithm Proof Type
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin
Bytecoin-16x16.png Bytecoin
Dash.png Dash
Ethereum.png Ethereum
Ethereum Classic-32x32.png Ethereum Classic
Komodo.png Komodo
Litecoin.png Litecoin
Monero.png Monero
Namecoin.png Namecoin
NEM-16x16.png NEM
PIVX-16x16.png PIVX
Primecoin.png Primecoin
Ripple.png Ripple
Zcash-16x16.png Zcash
Zclassic-32x32.png Zclassic
Zcoin-800x800.png Zcoin