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This article aims to list relevant cryptocurrencies.

To be listed here, a currency must have one of the following qualities:

  • The currency must have a market cap of one million US dollars.
  • The currency must be the first to introduce an innovative protocol.
  • The currency must have at one point had significant notoriety.
  • The currency must have been an infamous fraud.
Coin Symbol Launched Consensus tool Distribution Market cap Unit cap Status Anonymous Notable comments
Anoncoin-16x16.png Anoncoin ANC 2 Jun 2013 Zerocoin Zero-knowledge proofs $0.8 million 4,200,000 Developed Yes First built in support of I2P and Tor. Zerocoin will be implemented in an upcoming release
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin BTC 3 Jan 2009 SHA256d Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) $36 billion 20,999,999.9769 Active No First blockchain
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin Testnet 1 TNBTC 21 Oct 2010 SHA256d Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) None 20,999,999.9769 Abandoned No First altcoin[1]
Bitcoin.png Bitcoin Testnet 3 TNBTC 12 Apr 2012 SHA256d Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) None 20,999,999.9769 Active No Current Bitcoin testnet
Btsx.png BitSharesX BTSX 29 Sep 2013 Consensus through obscurity  ? $66.5 million 1,999,992,536 Active No
Bytecoin-16x16.png Bytecoin BCN 4 Jul 2012 CryptoNight Proof-of-work (random, smooth) $414 million 184.46 billion Active Yes First CryptoNote coin
Cloakcoin-16x16.png Cloakcoin CLOAK ? ? ? $4.7 million ? Active Yes
Dash.png Dash DASH 18 Jan 2014 X11 Proof-of-work (fixed, curve) $914 million 19 million (estimate) Active Yes
Dogecoin.png Dogecoin DOGE 6 Dec 2013 scrypt Proof-of-work (random) $12.7 million Unlimited Active No Was joke, became huge
Feathercoin FTC 16 Apr 2013 scrypt Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) $1.15 million ? Active No LTC hardfork
Freicoin FRC 21 Dec 2012 SHA256d Proof-of-work $0.084 million ? Active No First demurrage cryptocurrency
Huntercoin.jpeg HunterCoin HUC 1 Feb 2014 SHA256d and/or scrypt Game rewards, Proof-of-work $1.9 million 42,000,000 Active No First blockchain-based game
Litecoin.png Litecoin LTC 7 Oct 2011 scrypt Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) $1.2 billion 83,999,949.9076 Active No TBX clone
Maid.png MaidSafeCoin MAID 22 Apr 2014 Bitcoin Central $8.54 million 452,552,412 Active No
Monero.png Monero XMR 18 Apr 2014 CryptoNight Proof-of-work (random, smooth) $584 million ~18,400,000 then <1% inflation Active Yes
Namecoin.png Namecoin NMC 18 Apr 2011 SHA256d - merged mined with Bitcoin Proof-of-work (fixed, halving) $11.14 million 20,999,999.9769 Active No First alternative chain, bitDNS
NEM-16x16.png NEM XEM 31 Mar 2015 ? ? $1.7 billion 9 billion Active Yes
Nxt.png Nxt NXT 29 Sep 2013 Consensus through obscurity[2] Central $29.0 million 999,997,096 Active No
Peercoin.png Peercoin PPC 19 Aug 2012 Central authoriy[3] Proof-of-work/stake $15.5 million Unlimited Active No
PIVX-16x16.png PIVX PIVX 1 Feb 2016 ? ? $83.9 million ? Active Yes It was first launched under the name of Darknet (DNET) on February 1st 2016.
Primecoin XPM 7 Jul 2013 Cunningham Proof-of-work $1.2 million Unlimited Active No First "useful proof-of-work" altcoin
Ripple XRP 1 Mar 2011 Ripple Central $139 million 28,989,252,282 Active No
Bitcoin.png Tonal Bitcoin TBC 2 Jan 2011 See Bitcoin See Bitcoin See Bitcoin 7,750,54.00 Active No First on-chain alternative
Zcash-16x16.png Zcash ZEC 28 Oct 2016 Zerocash Zero-knowledge proofs, Proof-of-work (Equihash), with a portion of each block subsidy distributed to founders for the first four years. $338 million 21,000,000 Active Yes
Zclassic ZCL ? See Zcash See Zcash $5 million ? Active Yes First Zcash-based currency without the 20% fee for miners made by Zcash.
Zcoin XZC 28 Sep 2016 Zerocoin Zero-knowledge proofs $16.9 million ? Active Yes The first Zero-knowledge proof based anonymous cryptocurrency still alive.

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