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== Communication ==
== Communication ==
{{Communication|org=Crypto X Change|email=contact@cryptoxchange.com|phone=+61280050602}}
Email: contact@cryptoxchange.com<br/>
Phone: +61280050602

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Crypto X Change is a global Bitcoin currency exchange based in Australia. Opening on November 10, 2011, it is among the newest exchanges. It is owned and operated by Austrailian company Crypto X Change. Users of Crypto X Change can trade money between Bitcoin, United States dollars, Austrailian dollars, Namecoin, and Litecoin. With the exception of United States dollars to Austrailian dollars, all possible combinations are supported.


Crypto X Change allows customer deposits in over 25 national currencies, and withdraws in over 100. Additionally, the usage of MtGox voucher codes is supported. Customers usually have deposits arrive in less than 24 hours.

A fully-transparent order book is provided with no dark pools and market manipulation. Crypto X Change also includes an API to make automated trading easier. They also provide customers with live chat support 24/7, and have phone numbers for most countries. A forum is also provided for users to discuss topics that are important to them.


Crypto X Change Support and Communication