Debit cards

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This page lists cryptocurrency-fueled debit cards, current as of April 2020.

Source include this spreadsheet and this Bitcointalk discussion. Please contribute any edits here, as those other sources are not actively maintained. Links may contain referral codes, to reward both new users, and the maintainer of this comparison table. Feel free to remove them from the URL before navigating.


  • POA = Proof of Address
  • HQ links may point to the contact page, to save space
  • non-custodial = you hold your funds, not the card company

Company Status HQ Established Available to residents of KYC process Card cost Maint. fees Coins accepted Physical card? Virtual card? Web app? Notes
Monolith active UK ? EEA, AFTA, special member territories ID photo, POA photo, selfie 0 0 ETH VISA ? No Non-custodial wallet. Formerly "TokenCard". Open source. Sleek website. App needs minimal permissions.
AdvCash active GI 2015 EU, Turkey, Israel, upcoming Russia + World ID, address phone number ? ? ? Yes ? Yes Extensive Bitcointalk thread.
Bitsa active ES? Dec 2019 EU countries / SEPA zone ID only apparently 0 0 "Top it up by card, transfer, cash or blockchain tokens." Yes Yes Not yet Non-custodial funds. Minimal Bitcointalk presence. Odd English.