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A Distributed Autonomous Community (DAC) is an "entity" without any central point of control, with a certain agenda, business plan, and protocol. A Decentralized Application or DA is an alternative formulation of a DAC. The concept is currently being developed by David Johnston.

There is an accelerating trend of more and more DACs being formed.

List of DACs

  • Bitcoin itself, the first DAC?
  • Altcurrencies, all of Bitcoin forks
  • Ripple Labs is borderline ... they are a registered company and could be ordered to shutdown. The protocol is perhaps a DAC.
  • Mastercoin, a DAC replacement for Forex, Shares, and much more. Later evolved into a ProtoShares competitor.
  • ProtoShares, a meta DAC with the purpose of provding infrastructure for other DACs. It is composed of
    • DomainShares, a DAC replacement for Namecoin
    • BitShares, a competitor to Mastercoin
    • Keyhotee, a DAC replacement for OpenID
    • Other infrastructure components to follow... ?
  • Mitosys - a DAC replacement for Bit-Message
  • Colored Coins are working on defining themselves as a DAC ... no working business model spotted yet.


  • A social network - Monetizable Diaspora

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