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eCash B.V. is a payment service provider for cryptocurrencies.

Merchant Tools

The merchant API offers a Hosted Payment Page for Bitcoin, which includes an automated currency conversion from over 50 currencies worldwide. Sell in EUR, GBP, USD or any other currency. Your clients pay in Bitcoin. Verified merchants selling in EUR may also receive weekly EUR payouts. offers a merchant API solution with a built-in test mode. You can test accepted, canceled, declined or expired payments in the Hosted Payment Page. The test mode provides instant payment notifications.

Cold Storage Vault offers straight-to-cold storage Bitcoin deposits via a public Bitcoin address. Anyone in the world can send you Bitcoin. There is no hot wallet. While the web server hosts a watching-only wallet for generating public addresses, the private keys are kept in cold storage at an undisclosed location.'s clever cold storage solution allows you to access your funds worldwide. Unlimited withdrawals allow for great convenience.


Merchants based within the European Union may receive weekly fiat payouts in EUR.


In 1974 economist Friedrich Hayek wrote the book The Denationalisation of Money. Bitcoin, invented in 2008, is the first proof of concept of a global currency. The world's rapidly growing cryptocurrency community spurs the development of decentralized payment systems. If properly implemented, cryptocurrency will break down international trade barriers.

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