Fallback Nodes

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This is a node list, taken from the original wiki.

The nodes list will be updated by WikiBot to show the status of the network. You are not allowed to add an ip which is not yours here. A node offline for more than 48 hours will be removed from the listing automatically.

Hostname Owner IP Last Checked (GMT) Accepts IP transactions
artforz.ath.cx ArtForz
theymos.ath.cx theymos Xunie
bitlex.co.cc BitLex thufir
bitcoin.modernjob.info db aceat64
lfmcal.dontexist.org lfm
wan1.adminitator.com omegadraconis
wan2.adminitator.com omegadraconis rodin
bitcoin.torservers.net torservers
lzsaver.dlinkddns.com lzsaver  ? MagicalTux [US] MagicalTux [DE] MagicalTux [FR] MagicalTux [DE]
bitcoin-otc.com nanotube
ijzt2eeizty3p5xe.onion  ? N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
j43z65b6r2usg3vk.onion Dybbuk N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
pvuif6nonbhj3o3r.onion  ? N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
c5qvugpewwyyy5oz.onion  ? N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
xqzfakpeuvrobvpj.onion  ? N/A 2010-11-13 No
vso3r6cmjoomhhgg.onion echelon N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
rnam4cxam62nkcyf.onion BitLex N/A 2010-11-13 Yes
lhkz56zqrjo3jsmp.onion fuzzylogic N/A 2010-11-14 Yes