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Flexcoin is an EWallet run by Yooter InterActive Marketing in Pottsville, PA.

Flexcoin differentiates itself from EWallet(s) by providing a paid "discount" to account holders. It generates revenue by charging small transaction fees on outgoing bitcoins but no fees are charged from flexcoin to flexcoin accounts. These fees are for the most part forwarded back to the account holders via a "discount" payment. (currently 70% of all flexcoin collected fees are forwarded back to account holders).

Flexcoin has been running on an invite only process in June 2011, invites were filled within minutes of releasing them. Flexcoin went live on August 4th 2011 to the general public.

Flexcoin offers users an alternative to Bitcoin addresses in the form of personalized addresses:

Example :
Bitcoin: Pay for your coffee at bitcoin address 1555hjPG7pRwTHVMfukPvjXexQMHFE3qu6
flexcoin: Pay for your coffee with flexcoin id coffeeshop

As with most EWallets, transfers within flexcoin are instant, meaning no next block wait.

It is one of the first bitcoin eWallets based in the United States and is the first to label itself as a "bank" (though not legally registered as a bank).

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