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Genesis Mining
IndustryBitcoin Mining
FoundedFebruary, 2014

Genesis Mining is a company that sells bitcoin mining contracts and is currently one of the largest cloud mining companies in the world.[1][2] The company is active in the Bitcoin community and is frequently seen at events across the world including in Paris, New Zealand, Los Angeles, New York City, Hong Kong.[3]


The company was formed after the three founding partners realized there was a need for a legitimate cloud mining provider in an industry full of fraudulent companies.[4] From there they set out to offer cloud mining services to active users and new mainstream users. Genesis Mining launched in February of 2014.[5]


Their services allow customers to purchase mining contracts, which allow them to mine Bitcoin and altcoin through a cloud-based computer network.[6] Their mining farms are based in Iceland, Canada, and Bosnia.[7]

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A mining farm of Genesis Mining located in Iceland. The picture shows mainly Zeus scrypt miners.