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Haasonline Software is a software development company founded by Stephan de Haas. It's primary products currently are several Trade Bots for Bitcoin exchanges.


Stephan de Haas, the founder of Haasonline

Officially founded on January 20th 2014 by Stephan de Haas, it has actually existed since early 90's. The founder claims the Company's goal is to make the best software it can possibly design and to provide the best support on a 24-hour basis. He proves this by already having released several quality products and providing needed support to every of their users.

One of the things that makes Haasonline special as a company is the way how they operate. They do not promote themselves directly as all commercial matters are outsourced to affiliate partners. (this way they can devote themselves to ongoing development) A partner promotes the software by linking to the Company's homepage and more, should he wish to profit further (like posting on different forums, filming promotional videos, etc.). Some of the mentioned partners are CryptoPros, CryptoCS, AltCoinFever and some other individual people.

Trade bots

The Haasonline Trade Bots are the best trading bots for crypto coins in the world, as claimed by the developers. The Haasonline Trade Bots offer their users abilities unmatched by any other crypto trade-bots in the market. There are three key reasons why Haasonline bots excel over competition:

  • Haasonline is the company that created the market of the trade-bots for crypto coins. The initial release was back in May 2013 and there was nobody else offering similar products at that moment.
  • The trade bots developed by Haasonline are all produced in cooperation with the major supported exchanges. Because of this, their software is verified and approved to be used at these exchanges.
  • Last but not least is that the development of Haasonline Trade Bots is done in cooperation with the Bitcoin community. Since the initial release, Haasonline has engaged in dialogue about ideas and concepts with the community and by doing this the software has improved little by little to turn into what it is today.

Affiliate program

An affiliate is a partner of Haasonline Software and any user of the software can become an affiliate. The job of an affiliate is to tell everybody else about the qualities of software. This can be done on forums but also with traditional marketing tools such as advertisement. An affiliate's claims about the software must be completely fair as no false claims or bold statements are allowed.

The affiliate can offer potential clients a discount coupon with a value of 5% which will apply to all the products Haasonline Software sells and then gain 10% of any sales that are made to the owner of such coupon.

The earnings are issued per sale, so if a sale is made using the coupon given by a particular affiliate then that affiliate will earn the reward.

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