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The question is: how does one 'help' Bitcoin if it is an online currency that is not managed by any one individual? Often, those who take an interest in Bitcoin are at a loss as to how they can provide their support for this community. This article aims to offer some direction.

Join the Bitcoin Community

Find a community that you would naturally be a part of that accepts and supports Bitcoin, be it your workplace, schools, neighborhood, or online. The Bitcoin community is made up simply of the many supporters of the currency from all over the world. Spread the word—inform others wherever and whenever you can.

Be Creative

Everyone possesses their own unique talents and abilities; these qualities are what make us the people we are and bring us together. Utilize your skills and creativity to assist.

  • Hack the Bitcoin source. This may prove useful to those familiar with coding.
  • Mine. If you're into high-efficiency computing, creating a strong miner will definitely get you going.
  • If you own a business, accept Bitcoin for your services. You may also wish to encourage other businesses to follow in your footsteps.
  • Speculate in Bitcoin. This improves its liquidity and helps every other person using Bitcoin to carry out real transactions.

Every task and part that people take on adds stability and flexibility to the Bitcoin economy.

Third: Be Wise

Everyone has limited resources, and not all people think in the same way that you do. Trust no one, research, and expect the unexpected.