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How dose one 'Help' Bitcoin, if it is a on-line currency that is run by nobody in particular? Many people who get interested in Bitcoin are at a loss in what ways they can support this community.

First: Become Part of the Bitcoin Community

This doesn't mean "register on the forum and chat in #Bitcoin-OTC and do what all the other cool kids are doing" this means, finding a community that you would naturaly be part of that accept and supports bitcoin. Be that in you workplace, on-line, 4chan, or even in your church. The Bitcoin community is really just the people all around the world who support the use of bitcoins.

Second: Be Creative

Everyone has their own particular talents and abilities, these are unique and wonderful to each person and together bring out colour of life. The Bitcoin Community, is the people in it! Find something that you can do to help, and do it!

  • If you are a super-coder then hacking the bitcoin source may be how you can best help.
  • Or you are into big computer rigs and high effective computing, then making the best miner may be your favourite way to help.
  • Some people run businesses, or trade goods in real life. Maybe accepting Bitcoin for your services would be something you may like to do.
  • Not least, some people are traders, speculating in Bitcoin improves it liquidity and helps every other person using Bitcoin for real transactions.

There are thousands of possible things that people can do to help Bitcoin. Each different task and part that people take on to do adds stability and flexibility to the Bitcoin economy.

Third: Be Wise

Everyone has limited resources, and not all people think the same way that you do. Just in real life, don't trust strangers, do you homework, and be prepared for things to go all wrong.

Don't expect other people to behave as you 'say' that they should behave, and then get upset when they ignore your will. Bitcoin is a big place! An exciting place, and even a dangerous place. Bitcoin isn't a mild walk in the park, but the wild west!