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===Currency pairs===
===Currency pairs===
[[File:Screenshot1.png|thumb|upright|HitBTC intarface]]
[[File:Screenshot1.png|thumb|400px|upright|HitBTC intarface]]
[https://hitbtc.com HitBTC] supports the exchange between the major currency pairs:
[https://hitbtc.com HitBTC] supports the exchange between the major currency pairs:

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HIt 256.png
Trading namehitBTC
IndustryFiat exchange

HitBTC is a currency exchange based in Denmark with market for trading between bitcoins, litecoins, the U.S. dollar, and Euro.


Currency pairs

HitBTC intarface

HitBTC supports the exchange between the major currency pairs:


Fees and limits

Currency Deposite Withdraw
USD $9 Flat rate $9
EUR (SEPA Zone) No fee 0.90 €
EUR 6 € 6 €
BTC No fee No fee
LTC No fee Flat rate 0.001Ł

Liquidity providers will be granted a 0.07% rebate upon the execution of their orders. Liquidity takers will incur a 0.1% execution fee.

Detailed information on fees and transfer limits can be found at HitBTC/Fees and Limits

Withdrawal / Funding options

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin address
  • Litecoin address


Cutting-edge technology places and matches your order in milliseconds.

Fast turnaround on deposits, withdrawals and support requests with flexible payment validation.

You can use Google Authenticator for two-step verification. Protected by SSL.

Demo trading mode.

Features for professional traders

WebSocket subscription for prices and trades

Asynchronous WebSocket-based trading interface

FOK and IOC orders

HitBTC Traders Challenge

From 1st to 31st of May, 2014 a unique trading competition being held at hitBTC exchange house. The main prize is one of three Oculus Rift headsets – the winners will be selected based on their best performance trading through the API and through the web interface, as well those with the highest P/L in the shortest amount of time.[1]

See Also

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  1. [https://demo.hitbtc.com/challenge HitBTC Traders Challenge: Win One of Three Oculus Rift Headsets