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Trading namehitBTC
IndustryFiat exchange

HitBTC is a currency exchange based in Denmark with market for trading between bitcoins, litecoins, the U.S. dollar, and Euro.


Currency pairs

HitBTC interface
HitBTC orderbook

HitBTC supports the exchange between the major currency pairs:


Fees and limits

Currency Deposite Withdraw
USD $9 Flat rate $9
EUR (SEPA Zone) No fee 0.90 €
EUR 6 € 6 €
BTC No fee No fee
LTC No fee Flat rate 0.001Ł

Liquidity providers will be granted a 0.07% rebate upon the execution of their orders. Liquidity takers will incur a 0.1% execution fee.

Detailed information on fees and transfer limits can be found at HitBTC/Fees and Limits

Withdrawal / Funding options

  • Bank Wire Transfer
  • Bitcoin address
  • Litecoin address


Cutting-edge technology places and matches your order in milliseconds.

Fast turnaround on deposits, withdrawals and support requests with flexible payment validation.

You can use Google Authenticator for two-step verification. Protected by SSL.

Demo trading mode.

Features for professional traders

WebSocket subscription for prices and trades

Asynchronous WebSocket-based trading interface

FOK and IOC orders

HitBTC Traders Challenge

From 1st to 31st of May, 2014 a unique trading competition being held at hitBTC exchange house. The main prize is one of three Oculus Rift headsets – the winners will be selected based on their best performance trading through the API and through the web interface, as well those with the highest P/L in the shortest amount of time.[1]

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  1. [https://demo.hitbtc.com/challenge HitBTC Traders Challenge: Win One of Three Oculus Rift Headsets