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A currency exchange with market for trading between bitcoins, the U.S. dollar, and Euro.


Currency pairs

HitBTC supports the exchange between the major currency pairs:


Fees and limits

HitBTC offers:

An order which will not be executed immediately will be granted a 0.07% rebate on execution.

Orders executed immediately will incur a 0.2% transaction fee.

No fees are charged for deposit and Bitcoin transactions.

30 $ fee for wire transfer withdrawals.

SEPA Zone — 1€, Outside SEPA — 25€ for wire transfer withdrawals

Detailed information on fees and transfer limits can be found at HitBTC/Fees and Limits

Withdraw options

No fees are charged for deposit and Bitcoin transactions.

The fee is 30 $/€ for wire transfer withdrawals.


Cutting-edge technology places and matches your order in milliseconds.

Fast turnaround on deposits, withdrawals and support requests with flexible payment validation.

You can use Google Authenticator for two-step verification. Protected by SSL.

Legal information

Banking Information

The following section applies only to operations involving monetary instruments which have legal-tender (i.e. Bitcoin is not an instrument which has legal-tender).

Acceptable methods of deposit/withdrawal

The only method of funding your “HitBTC” account is via a wire-transfer. The only way to withdraw your funds from “HitBTC” is also via a wire-transfer request.

Acceptable currencies: “HitBTC” will only accept transfers denominated in EUR or USD. Detailed information on limitations can be found on HitBTC website

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