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(USD: Remove defunct methods.)
(USD: Remove defunct methods.)
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Funds can be withdrawn from the account's USD EWallet as VouchX [[redeemable code|redeemable codes]] from [[AurumXChange Company|AurumXChange]].
There are no USD withdrawal methods.

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There have been reports that icbit is a scam. Any person sending money to them should do due diligence first.[1] [2] [3]

ICBIT is a trading website which has a few sections. Both the currency and futures sections are live.

This site is said[source?] to be founded by Fireball and DeepBit by combining best practices in high-performance trading and Bitcoin experience.

Technically ICBIT is not an exchange since it does not act as a central counterparty. According to their website users are totally exposed to counterparty risk from other traders whose identities are concealed from them; the exchange does not pledge its own assets to back the other side of a customer's position. Traders are not allowed to conduct background or reputation checks of any kind on these anonymous counterparties.


For its currency exchange section ICBIT makes an accent on the following:

  • State-of-the-art technologies usage. Instead of using old, slow, polling-based algorithms ICBIT builds atop of the most up to date technologies. Its web trading client is in pure HTML and JavaScript (even compatible with most mobile devices), however it's fully realtime thanks to websockets and AJAX.
  • Speed of trading. Bitcoin forum is full of anger against slowness of existing exchanges. ICBIT implements special high performance trading engine and uses high-performance "no SQL" database to eliminate the problem.
  • No limits. Most of the existing exchanges put rather restrictive limitations and require users to prove their identity. ICBIT finds this totally unacceptable and does not put any limits at all.
  • "Specialize on what you do best". For handling fiat money ICBIT partnered with AurumXchange which provides an unmatched set of depositing/withdrawal services for US dollars and other currencies.


Traded on the exchange are:

  • BTC/RUB (Russian Ruble)
  • DB.RCLMR bond (bonds that can be exchanged for purchase of DeepBit Reclaimer ASIC hardware)


Futures traded include:

  • BUH3 (Futures contract, expires March 15, 2012, settled in BTC)
  • CLG3 (Crude Oil Futures contract, expires February 14, 2013, settled and quoted in BTC)
  • GDG3 (Gold Futures contract, expires February 14, 2013, settled and quoted in BTC)

Settled futures:

  • BUZ2 (Futures contract, expired December 15, 2012, settled in BTC)

Adding Funds


There is no fee for Bitcoin deposits to the account's BTC EWallet. Funds are added to the account's wallet after six (6) confirmations.


There are no methods to add USD funds.


QIWI vouchers can be used to add funds to an account's Russian ruble EWallet.

Widthraw Funds


There is no fee for Bitcoin withdrawals from the account's BTC EWallet.


There are no USD withdrawal methods.


Funds can be withdrawn from the account's Russian ruble EWallet as QIWI vouchers.


Accounts can be protected where both login and any money withdrawal operation requires the one-time password (OTP) feature known as two-step authentication. A mobile smartphone with Google Authenticator is the most commonly used OTP device.


First mentions of ICBIT appeared in June and July 2011 in the Bitcoin Stock Exchange Security Standards thread at bitcointalk.org[4] and Bitcoin futures market discussion [5]. By that time a very first version of the trading engine was developed.

A more detailed thread specific to ICBIT futures market was started [6] in November, 2011. The first closed test of futures market was performed, and work on the new version of web trading client was started.

Finally in January, 2012 the currency exchange section went live [7]

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