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* BitAds.net
* BitAds.net
Inputs.io was a [[Bitcoin Foundation]] Silver indusry member.
Inputs.io was a [[Bitcoin Foundation]] Silver industry member.

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Inputs.io was hacked on November 7th, 2013 and the service has been discontinued. 
See https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=248803.580

The article is kept only as historic documentation.

Inputs.io was a free Bitcoin web wallet that leveraged its own off chain payment network. Inputs implemented numerous security measures, and featured instant, fee-less offchain confirmations with an easy to implement developer API.

Inputs.io is no longer operational as November 7th, 2013. 4100 BTC was stolen from Inputs due to a compromise of the server hosting account.

Inputs.io processed more than 235,000 BTC during it's operation.

Inputs.io was supported by the following sites, along with dozens of faucets.

  • Just-dice.com
  • BitsPoker.com
  • CoinLenders.com
  • Coinchat.org
  • DailyBitcoins.org
  • Peerbet.org
  • BitAds.net

Inputs.io was a Bitcoin Foundation Silver industry member.