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== The Israeli Bitcoin Foundation ==
== The Israeli Bitcoin Foundation ==
Also known as איגוד הביטקוין הישראלי.
See [[The Israeli Bitcoin Foundation]].
The IBF is still in the process of setting up, and deciding on its exact ties with The Bitcoin Foundation.
* [https://trello.com/b/1CdF7NqV/israeli-bitcoin-foundation Trello]
* Board members:
** [[Yoni Assia]] - an observer role
** [[Ron Gross]]
** [[Eden Shochat]]
** [[Eli Sklar]]
** [[Meni Rosenfeld]]
** [[Jonathan Rouach]]
== The German Federal Bitcoin Foundation ==
== The German Federal Bitcoin Foundation ==

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This page will list all the known Bitcoin and crypto-currency non-profits around the world. See also on bitcointalk and this google doc. The criterias for being on this list are:

  1. A focus on Bitcoin or crypto-currency (merely accepting Bitcoin donations is not enough)
  2. Being a non-profit
  3. The organization needs to be either a registered non-profit or in the process of active registration.

FYI, members are sorted alphabetically by their last name.

Bitcoin Foundation and other chapters or similar organizations

The Bitcoin Foundation

The Israeli Bitcoin Foundation

See The Israeli Bitcoin Foundation.

The German Federal Bitcoin Foundation

Also known as Bundesverband Bitcoin e.V.

The Dutch Bitcoin Foundation

Also known as Stichting Bitcoin Nederland

The UK Bitcoin Foundation



Bitcoin100 is a charity organization that exists specifically to convince new charities to start accepting bitcoin donations.

The Mastercoin Foundation

See the Mastercoin wiki.

PikaPay Foundation

The PikaPay Foundation is a nonprofit dedicated to innovation in today’s financial systems and is focussed on developing the Bitcoin ecosystem.

PikaPay's Mission: To explore trends in science, technology, community and culture; To overcome limitations of traditional financial services; To improve lives, empower groups and individuals; and To make greater social contributions to the world.

The Bitcoin Embassy

The Bitcoin Embassy is a non-profit organization seeking to promote the adoption of Bitcoin and related crypto-technologies, as well as facilitating networking throughout the Bitcoin community in Canada and worldwide.