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This page exists as a reference for altcoins that have branched off from Bitcoin's network either through a controlled release or a contentious hardfork. The altcoins in this list are available to be claimed and sold by Bitcoin holders who had BTC at the time of the split, which can be sold as a sort of "dividend".

This list is intended to inform bitcoin holders of the existence of currency splits and makes no guarantees about the intentions of altcoin developers. Do not trust unaudited wallet software with your private keys.

Ticker Currency Split height* Split date Ratio Replay protection New address format
CLAM Clams 300377 2014-05-12 New chain Yes
BCH Bitcoin Cash 478558 2017-08-01 1:1 Sighash No
BTG Bitcoin Gold 491406 2017-10-24 1:1 Sighash[1] Yes
BCD Bitcoin Diamond 495865 2017-11-24 10:1 Yes Unknown
BTP Bitcoin Platinum 498533 2017-12-12 1:1 Yes No[2]
SBTC Super Bitcoin 498888 2017-12-17 1:1‡ Sighash[3] Unknown

* The last block on the Bitcoin chain for which like outputs appear on both chains.

† Every address receipt to non-dust unspent outputs was credited with ~4.7 CLAM.

‡ In addition to the initial distribution, the total supply of the currency was increased through premining