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A exchange site, operated by Mang Sweeney in the Philippines, where bitcoins may be bought or sold.

This service is useful for using bitcoins to send remittance payments to the Philippines.

The price at which the bitcoins are bought or sold is established at the time the order is placed.

Languages: English, Filipino

Buying Bitcoins

The options for paying for the Bitcoin purchase are:

  • PHP - Cash deposit at a Philippine bank
  • PHP - Cash, local trade in Metro Manilla

Selling Bitcoins

The options for receiving the proceeds from the sale of bitcoins are:

  • PHP - Cash deposited into recipient's account at a Philippine bank
  • PHP - Cash, pickup at local branch of suggested remittance centers:
    • MLhuillier
    • Cebuana Lhuillier
    • LBC


The service was launched June 18, 2012[1]. As of August 29, 2012 this remains the only exchange offering service in the Philippines.

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