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List of Mobile apps used for payments.

App Android iPhone Nokia BlackBerry QR-code NFC Btc Storage OpenSource Last Active Comments
Bitcoin Wallet for Android/BB10 Yes No No Yes Yes Yes On Phone + encrypted backup Github Google 2013-Jan-28 Forum
BitcoinApp No Yes No No  ?  ? On Phone Github 2011-May-18
BitPay Yes No  ?  ? Yes No Instawallet Github 2011-Sep-26
Bitcoin Express No Yes No No  ?  ?  ? Github 2011-Jul-24 Forum
BitcoinSpinner Yes No No No Yes No On Phone, chain on server Google 2011-12-01 Forum
Blockchain for iPhone No Yes[1] No No Yes No On Phone, encrypted backup on server GitHub 2012-05-12 Forum
Blockchain for Android Yes No No No Yes No On Phone, encrypted backup on server Github 2012-05-12 Forum
Bridgewalker Yes No No No Yes No Not applicable, balance is in Euros Proprietary 2013-10-03 Forum
Instawallet Yes No  ?  ? No No Instawallet Proprietary 2012-06-18 Forum
FriendlyPay No Yes No No Yes No Instawallet Proprietary 2012-05-12 Forum
Paytunia Yes Yes[2]  ?  ? Yes No Server (Hosted) Proprietary 2012-05-12 Forum Yes Yes  ?  ? Yes No Proprietary 2012-05-12 Forum
ResponsePay Yes Yes No No Yes No Proprietary 2012-07-10 Forum

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  1. Cydia / Jailbroken only.
  2. Private Beta