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OpenBazaar, formerly known as DarkMarket, is an open source decentralized online marketplace designed for e-commerce, using the cryptocurrency bitcoin.


Programmer and bitcoin enthusiast Amir Taaki and a team of other developers created the prototype of a decentralized marketplace, entitled "DarkMarket", in April 2014 at a Toronto Bitcoin Hackathon.[1] DarkMarket was developed as a proof of concept in response to the seizure of the online marketplace Silk Road in October 2013. Taaki compared DarkMarket's improvements on Silk Road to BitTorrent's improvements on Napster.[1]

Soon after DarkMarket was revealed at the hackathon, developer Brian Hoffman forked the project and renamed it "OpenBazaar", which continues to receive active development as of June 2015.[2] OpenBazaar, like DarkMarket before it, was initially licensed under the GNU AGPLv3, but after a discussion by the developers it was relicensed under the MIT license on September 8, 2014.[3]

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