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==See Also==
==See Also==
* [[Blinded bearer certificates]]
* [[Moneychanger]]
* [[Moneychanger]]
* [[Mixing service]]
* [[Mixing service]]

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A financial crypto and digital cash software library. The software's author likens it to "PGP for money".

Open Transactions (a centralized transaction system) is complementary to Bitcoin in that it provides some features that Bitcoin cannot, such as untraceable anonymous (versus pseudonymous) transactions, no latency (instant finality of settlement / no risk of double spending) and more.


  • Untraceable Digital Cash (real blinded tokens)
  • Anyone An Issuer (Ricardian-style Contracts)
  • Bearer-only, Fully-Anonymous (when used cash-only)
  • Pseudonymous User Accounts (user account == PGP key)
  • No Account History (asset account == the last receipt)
  • Many Financial Instruments (cheques, cash, vouchers, invoices...)
  • Basket Currencies (10 "baskets" == 5 gold, 3 silver)
  • Markets with Trades (stop, fill-or-kill, limit orders...)
  • Payment Plans

Includes an API, server and client.

The author of this software also released Moneychanger, a reference implementation of a currency accounting application that accesses the Open Transactions API and integrates with Bitcoin.

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