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* [[Developers]]
* [[Developers]]
* Wiki list of [[:Special:ListUsers|users]]
* Wiki list of [[:Special:ListUsers|users]]
* [[Bitcoin:Community_portal|Community portal]]
* [[Project:Community_portal|Community portal]]
* [[:Category:People]]
* [[:Category:People]]

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A list of active contributors to Bitcoin, ordered by first name.

Andreas Schildbach (Profile) - original developer of Bitcoin Wallet for Android (Google Code Project).

Amir Taaki aka genjix- creator of the Britcoin and Intersango exchanges, libbitcoin library for Bitcoin, Spesmilo, Bitcoin Consultancy, Vibanko, GLBSE client, Bitcoin poker client, Python bindings for Bitcoin, Pastecoin and others.

Art Forz- developed the first GPU miner and at one time his GPU mining farm (the ArtFarm) was mining over a third of all blocks.

Gary Rowe (Profile) - Contributor to the MultiBit (http://multibit.org) and BitCoinJ (http://code.google.com/p/bitcoinj/) projects. Working on various Bitcoin based businesses.

Gavin Andresen - (Profile) Former Satoshi client maintainer. He previously worked at Silicon Graphics and now runs his own company.

Hal Finney- one of the creators of PGP and one of the earliest contributors to the Bitcoin project. First to identify a type of double-spending attack that now bears his name -- the Finney attack.

James McCarthy aka Nefario- creator of the first bitcoin stock exchange GLBSE

Jed McCaleb, original developer of MtGox. Previously created eDonkey2000.

Jeff Garzik- (Wikipedia Entry) Satoshi client core developer, GPU poold software and the founder of Bitcoin Watch. Works for BitPay.

Luke Dashjr aka Luke-Jr- Eligius founder, maintains BFGMiner and maintainer of bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt stable branches.

Mark Karpeles (Wikipedia) aka MagicalTux- Former owner of MtGox and this wiki.

Martti Malmi aka Sirius- Former Bitcoin developer. Operates the domain names bitcoin.org and bitcointalk.org.

Matt Corallo aka BlueMatt- Satoshi client developer.

Michael Hendrix aka mndrix- creator of the now defunct CoinPal and CoinCard services

Michael Marquardt aka theymos- creator of the widely used blockexplorer.com site, and BitcoinTalk Forum

Mike Hearn (Profile)- Google engineer who works on Gmail and developed BitCoinJ (http://code.google.com/p/bitcoinj/) and Lighthouse.

Nils Schneider aka tcatm - Bitcoin developer, owner of BitcoinWatch, creator and owner of BitcoinCharts, GPU mining software and JS web interface.

Patrick McFarland aka Diablo-D3 - DiabloMiner author, and former BitcoinTalk forum moderator.

Patrick Strateman aka phantomcircuit - Bitcoin developer, creator of Intersango, member of Bitcoin Consultancy and creator of Python Bitcoin implementation.

Peter Todd - Bitcoin developer. Involved with Bitcoin related startup Coinkite and DarkWallet.

Pieter Wuille aka sipa- Satoshi client developer and maintainer of the network graphs http://bitcoin.sipa.be

Stefan Thomas aka justmoon- creator of the WeUseCoins.com site/video and WebCoin.

Tamas Blummer aka grau - author of Bits of Proof, the enterprise-ready implementation of the Bitcoin protocol. http://bitsofproof.com

Vladimir Marchenko- Profile, runs Marchenko Ltd which sells mining contracts, previously developed the figator.org search engine.

Wladimir J. van der Laan - Satoshi client maintainer.

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