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Gavin Andresen- Profile the project maintainer. He previously worked at Silicon Graphics and now runs his own company.

Mark Karpeles- Known as MagicalTux on bitcoin forum and in the #mtgox channel in freenode IRC network. Owner of the largest bitcoin exchange, MtGox, and Kalyhost

Vladimir Marchenko- Profile, runs Marchenko Ltd which sells mining contracts, previously developed the search engine.

Jeff Garzik- Wikipedia Entry who does kernel development at Red Hat and is the founder of BitcoinWatch.

Matt Corallo- uses the moniker of BlueMatt on bitcoin forums and other sites, Is a core developer of bitcoin.

Pieter Wuille- uses the moniker sipa, is a core developer and maintainer of the network graphs

Stefan Thomas- uses the moniker justmoon, creator of the site/video and WebCoin.

Hal Finney- Hal, one of the creators of PGP and one of the earliest contributors to the bitcoin project.

Michael Hendrix- uses the moniker mndrix, creator of the now defunct CoinPal and CoinCard services

Michael Marquardt- uses the moniker theymos, creator of the widely used site

Amir Taaki- uses the moniker genjix, creator of the Britcoin exchange

Mike Hearn Profile- Google engineer who works on Gmail and developed BitCoinJ (