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Gavin Andresen- (Profile) Satoshi client maintainer. He previously worked at Silicon Graphics and now runs his own company.

Mark Karpeles aka MagicalTux- Owner of the largest bitcoin exchange, MtGox, this Bitcoin Wiki, and Kalyhost

Jeff Garzik- (Wikipedia Entry) Satoshi client core developer, Linux kernel developmer at Red Hat, and the founder of Bitcoin Watch.

Pieter Wuille aka sipa- Satoshi client developer and maintainer of the network graphs

Stefan Thomas aka justmoon- creator of the site/video and WebCoin.

Matt Corallo aka BlueMatt- Satoshi client developer.

Michael Marquardt aka theymos- creator of the widely used site, and BitcoinTalk Forum

Amir Taaki aka genjix- creator of the Britcoin and Intersango exchanges, libbitcoin, Spesmilo, Bitcoin Consultancy, Vibanko, GLBSE client, Bitcoin poker client and others.

Mike Hearn (Profile)- Google engineer who works on Gmail and developed BitCoinJ (

Luke Dashjr aka Luke-Jr- Eligius owner/admin and Spesmilo core developer

Vladimir Marchenko- Profile, runs Marchenko Ltd which sells mining contracts, previously developed the search engine.

Hal Finney- one of the creators of PGP and one of the earliest contributors to the bitcoin project.

Michael Hendrix aka mndrix- creator of the now defunct CoinPal and CoinCard services

Art Forz- developed the first GUI miner and at one time his GPU mining farm (the ArtFarm) was mining over a third of all blocks.

Sirius- Operates the host for and is an administrator of the Bitcoin Forum.

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