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[[File:Polmine-logo.jpg|thumb|alt=Nice PolMine logo.| The PolMine logo  ''[[PolMine]]''.]]
[[File:Polmine-logo.jpg|thumb|alt=Nice PolMine logo.| PolMine logotype]]
First Polish and biggest  Pool mine :)
First Polish and biggest  Pool mine :)

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Nice PolMine logo.
PolMine logotype

First Polish and biggest Pool mine :)

‎ Why dig on this pool ?

  • because we do not require payments / we do not tax your findings
  • because we are most lucky pool all over the World :)
  • because we are sexiest pool all over the Word !
  • we have even some additional rewards, which its very nice  :P


We have free servers ! so we do not charge You !