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* [[Bitcoin News]] daily posts
* [[Bitcoin News]] daily posts
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* [[Research]]
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This article lists Bitcoin-related press from the project's creation through October 2011. Since that time, due to the increased frequency of published articles, a Press forum board was created on the BitcoinTalk Forum to allow the wider Bitcoin community to share articles as they are discovered.

Press and notable mentions

Articles / Blog Posts




On techradar.com there was a balanced article [2011-10-15, UK, en]:
The death of money Electronic payments are everywhere. Is it time for cash to take a hike?

  • By 2015, cash could be looking like an endangered species.
  • So is Bitcoin the future of money, or is it only of interest to currency fans, cyber-utopians and speculators?

Screenshot theGuardian201110.png

On The Guardian there was a negative and stupidly wrong article [2011-10-18, UK, en]:
Bitcoin value crashes below cost of production as broader use stutters

  • the appreciation in value was a speculative bubble, caused by people hoarding the currency, rather than the start of a new (or parallel) economy.
  • With the value of Bitcoins dropping so low, and the computing power required to produce them growing steadily, it is becoming uneconomic to generate more except through the use of hacked computers in "botnets".



On PacoAhlgren.com there was a angrily positive article [2011-07-25, US, en]:
Bitcoin Cannot Fail

  • They can’t make the rules. And that scares the hell out of them.
  • This may be the purest form of democracy the world has ever known, and I — for one — am thrilled to be here to watch it unfold.


On canada.com there was a very positive article [2011-07-22, Canada, en]:
Bitcoins create truly democratic policy, followers say

  • Money may be the next frontier of the Internet revolution thanks to Bitcoin, a burgeoning new digital currency.
  • ``If we remember, 15 years ago if you were doing anything on the Internet you were going to make millions, said Kenna. ``I think it could be the same with bitcoin.


On npr.org there was a neutral to slightly negative article [2011-07-12, United States, en]:
The Tuesday Podcast: Bitcoin

  • I have to say this part of the whole Bitcoin thing for us did seem really easy. Easier than using a credit card or wiring a friend some money.



On The Economist there was a neutral article [2011-06-13, GB, en]:
Bits and bob

  • Now, Friedman's dream has finally been realised—albeit not by a real-world central bank.
  • Most people would rather devolve this sort of responsibility to the authorities. Until this mindset changes, Bitcoin will be no rival to real-world dosh.


On Telepolis there was a skeptical article [2011-06-10, DE, de]:
Wenig Unterschied zu Aktien

  • Stoppt die amerikanischen Drogenpolizei DEA den Höhenflug der Bitcoin-Währung?
  • Silk Road dürfte unter anderem deshalb schwer zu schließen sein, weil Betreiber ebenso wie Benutzer durch TOR weitgehend anonym sind.


On Smart Money there was a critical article [2011-06-10, USA, en]:
The Bitcoin Triples Again

  • To recap, it's is a purely online currency with no intrinsic value; its worth is based solely on the willingness of holders and merchants to accept it in trade.
  • Readers tempted to bet on the Bitcoin should resist, not least because it's unclear whether it will have any enduring worth.







On Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) there was a balanced to positive article [2011-01-20, USA, en]:
Bitcoin - a Step Toward Censorship-Resistant Digital Currency

  • To understand digital currency, one must first note that money in the digital age has moved from a largely anonymous system to one increasingly laden with tracking, control and regulatory overhead.
  • It's too early to say whether Bitcoin will be a success. Any new currency system faces an uphill battle, both technically and legally.



On LWN there was a positive article [2010-11-10, USA, en]:
Bitcoin: Virtual money created by CPU cycles

  • The bigger open questions about Bitcoin are about its viability as a currency system.
  • Bitcoin is different from electronic payment systems like Paypal that are really just computerized interfaces to traditional banks.


On Bitcoin Blogger there was a positive article [2010-09-30, ?, en]:
Bitcoin Electronic Currency: The Future of Money



On /. there was a neutral article [2010-07-11, USA, en]:
Bitcoin Releases Version 0.3


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