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Bitcoin-related graphics used for promoting bitcoin either for online use, retail display or other promotional purpose. For graphics in languages other than English, see Promotional graphics (non-English).

Orange style

Logo alone

BC Logo .png

SVG and higher resolutions

Logo with text

BC Logotype.png

BC Logotype Reverse.png

"We love Bitcoin" Graphics

Lv BCorg 128px.png WeLv BC 48px.png WeLv BC 128px.png WeLv BC Badge 128px.png

Bitcoin Accepted Here Buttons

Normal size

BC Rnd 64px.png BC 64px.png BC nBG 64px.png BC RnBG 64px.png

High resolution


Euro style

Bitcoin euro.png

Gold style


Ƀ: Another Bitcoin Identity

  • CircleBitcoin.png
  • Pennant.png
  • RibbonDonateBitcoin.png
  • GoldenAcceptedHereBitcoin.png

Ƀ graphic elements are available in SVG format on the dedicated project page.

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