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ResponsePay is a lightweight mobile bitcoin payment solution eWallet built with responsive & adaptive web design so will scale to fit. ResponsePay provides people with a simple yet very effective method of sending bitcoin locally and internationally. ResponsePay can reach almost all mobile phones, and it is instant.

Transfer Methods


Bitcoins can be send as an e-mail, the recipient will receive an claim link to redeem the bitcoins.

SMS (Text messaging)

Allow users in 212 countries to access their bitcoins via SMS messages. Send to mobile phones not registered in ResponsePay and the recipient will receive a claim link to redeem the bitcoins at ResponsePay.

They are working to be the equivalent to M-Pesa for bitcoin. It's important to realize they are just getting started and this is only the beginning of their path to fruition. A small fee of 0.0225 may apply if sending to a mobile phone number not registered in ResponsePay. A flat fee of 0.0005 BTC is deducted per all other transactions. The mobile provider may charge additional fees.


The service was launched on July 4, 2012[1].

External Links


  1. [ANN ResponsePay - Mobile Wallet, Subsidiary of WalletBit.]

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