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You have been mining for a while and now would be a nice time to cash out? You've learned enough about Bitcoin to know it's the best money out there - the first as good as gold and a lot easier to carry? How can you exchange easily with minimum hassle? Forget about the trust and feedback system. Real traders do business, not friendly chit-chat. (But you're always welcome on #bitcoin-cad on if you want to talk.)

In Canada you can either trade using the Over The Counter system and its web of trust system, or register with the first Canadian-based exchange- So how can you exchange using the OTC web of trust?

In Canada many financial institutions offer a service called Interac, which has a marvellous system called Interac e-transfer. Fees are normally between 0 and 2$ per transaction (check with your bank or credit union).

  1. E-mail the money (minus the password);
  2. Send the password by e-mail, IRC, PM on a forum, smoke messages...

(Please note it takes around 30 minutes for an Interac e-transfer transfer to be sent.)